Deeper onchain data, done faster and cheaper.

Save up to 75% on your RPC bill. Spin up a shadow fork in one click and access custom data instantly.
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Custom data in minutes

Get the exact data you need from any contract or transaction with gasless shadow events that have full access to the entire state of the chain.
Faster & richer indexing
Cut engineering time, get rid of adapters, and speed up indexing with custom event data.
Build a better indexer
Deeper research & analysis
Write custom events for any contract. Backfill data across a block range. Export to your data tool.
Supercharge analytics
Save gas & contract size
Save users up to 12% in gas on every transaction by moving event logs to a shadow fork.
Optimize your contracts
Complete observability
See inside the entire stack for any contract, and log everything you want privately and gaslessly.
Comprehensive logging

Write shadow events for any contract

Shadow unlocks edit mode on any contract, giving you precise control over its event logs and view functions without affecting mainnet.

What is a shadow event?

ˈsha-(ˌ)dō    i-ˈvent   /   compound noun
A gasless event, logged on an offchain execution environment that mirrors mainnet state in realtime.

Ridiculously cheap event logs

Shadow events are 1,000x cheaper than the gas costs your users pay to emit events.
per event on Ethereum
per event on Shadow
2,500 average gas cost of one event, 50 gwei gas price, and $2,500 ETH price
Shadow Starter plan pricing

Just a few lines of code

Drop in infrastructure to save you time and money.
Get the data you need and get back to building your product.
01 Fork

Spin up a shadow fork

Get your own state-synced fork of mainnet in one click.
Fully-hosted production grade node infrastructure
Modify and deploy any contract on your shadow fork
State auto-synced with mainnet in realtime
Access custom data via standard RPC endpoints
Automatic handling of mainnet block re-orgs
02 Define

Define your shadow events

Create custom event schemas for any contract on mainnet.
Search for any contract and open up edit mode
Write shadow events with our in-browser IDE
Full control over event schemas and parameters
Easily standardize events across similar protocols
Apply changes across proxy and factory contract patterns
03 Emit

Emit custom data

Take precise control over how event data is emitted.
Inject as many events as you want, wherever you want
Write and call custom view functions from any contract
Reduce `eth_call` and trace RPC usage
Get token prices via oracles with block level accuracy
Add token and NFT metadata directly in events
Instant frontfills, full backfills in less than 15 minutes

Access your data any way you want

Familiar and intuitive ingestion patterns and full backwards compatibility with your existing web3 tooling.


Get custom onchain data for indexing and analytics in minutes.