Unlock a new world of onchain data.

Spend less time indexing data and managing infrastructure, and more time building products.
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Spin up a smart contract indexer in minutes.

Get the exact data you need decoded, indexed, and streamed to your database. No data pipelines or additional node infrastructure needed.
Simplified data pipelines
Reduce complexity and write transformation logic directly in smart contracts themselves.
Deeper data coverage
Generate net-new events with (previously) hard to get onchain data on any smart contract.
Permissionless gasless logs
Add as many events as you want on any contract, without increasing the gas burden for users.
Faster iteration cycles
Quickly test, verify, and iterate on shadow events using tools that you’re already familiar with.
Supported on these chains, with more coming soon

Write shadow events for any contract

Shadow unlocks edit mode on any contract, giving you precise control over its event logs and view functions without affecting mainnet.

What is a shadow event?

ˈsha-(ˌ)dō    i-ˈvent   /   compound noun
A gasless event, logged on an offchain execution environment that mirrors mainnet state in realtime.

Access your data any way you want

Familiar and intuitive ingestion patterns and full backwards compatibility with your existing web3 tooling.


Get custom onchain data for indexing and analytics in minutes.